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Pit furnace

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Product description
    The pit furnace is a periodic working furnace suitable for heat treatment of rods and long shaft parts. The structure of the pit furnace is that the furnace body is a cylindrical deep well, and the workpiece is vertically loaded into the furnace by a special crane. The fuel used is usually electricity. When electricity is used as a heat source, it is called a well type resistance furnace. Pit furnaces are generally placed below the ground level of the workshop, and are also placed above the ground level or half below the ground level. The name of the pit furnace is: forced convection well type furnace, natural convection well type furnace, well type gas carburizing furnace, etc.


1. The electric furnace is equipped with a large fan device to improve the temperature uniformity in the furnace;

2. The electric furnace is controlled by multiple zones to further improve the uniformity of the furnace temperature;

3, stainless steel air duct inside the furnace;

4. The opening and closing of the furnace cover adopts the driving lifting or automatic hydraulic opening and closing mechanism, and has a guiding column to ensure the opening and closing of the furnace cover is stable;

5. The furnace cover and the furnace body are made of high temperature resistant fiber cotton, the furnace body has good heat preservation performance, saves energy and reduces production cost;

6, no pollution, good environmental benefits.

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