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Welcome to the Lingcheng Electronics website!
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Cutting equipment

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Product description

    I am very happy to share with you the good news. The cutting production line has officially entered the Fushun factory. It is the convenience of this equipment, which is convenient for humanity, high efficiency and low consumption. I am here to introduce the cutting production line. The production process, before the introduction, please look at the picture above our article. This picture consists of two parts: the above production furnace, two parts of the power supply and the following cutting production line.

    The work of the picking equipment is as follows: Before production, please fix the pick-up electric furnace above the production line to heat the pick. You put your pick into the pick-up rod on the conveyor belt of the production line. Before the pick enters the heating furnace, put in your solder and flux, and turn on the power supply of the production line. The fixed picks are brought into the heating furnace by the production line conveyor belt. Under the action of high temperature, solder and flux The melted, heated picks will continue to move with the conveyor belt before moving to the end of the line and the person will press the welded part for more full welding. In the production process, the unheated end of the production line is responsible for the placement of the picks. At the end of the welded production line, a special person is responsible for inspecting and removing the welded picks to ensure that the welded parts are qualified. 
    The advantage of this equipment is: production direction There is a “forward and backward” button, you can continue welding the welded picks as needed, so that the welding is more perfect. The two-way moving conveyor belt is the humanity of this device. 
One-to-one welding 
    for high-frequency brazing of single picks, tantalum picks, and cemented carbide picks for boring machine picks can be selected from our company's high-frequency equipment with a power of 50kw. The parameters are as follows (80KW can also be used. 120KW model, according to the workpiece size and heat treatment process requirements): 
Model: XXYP-50 
Input power: 50KW 
Input voltage: Three-phase 380±10P-60HZ 
Oscillation frequency: 15-35KHZ 
Cooling water pressure: ≥0.05MPa 
Weight: 107kg 
volume :550×650×1260mm3

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