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Guide wheel|Wheel surface quenching equipment-intermediate frequency 200KW

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Product description

    Guide wheel|Wheel surface quenching equipment - medium frequency 200KW can be satisfied. Under normal circumstances, such guide wheels and row wheels are relatively large in diameter and heavy in weight. When quenching their surfaces, multiple external force tools are required. For example, professional CNC quenching machine tools, cranes, etc., cranes are mainly used to put them on the quenching machine, the clamping is fixed, and the quenching machine is mainly responsible for the up and down and rotating motion of the workpiece to ensure uniform quenching of the workpiece surface.

First, for the 200KW guide wheel | line wheel surface quenching equipment selection:

    Since the weight of these two kinds of workpieces is relatively heavy and the diameter is relatively large, we generally recommend to select the medium frequency series 200KW-500KW, which is selected according to the diameter of the workpiece! The following example takes 200KW:

1.200KW intermediate frequency guide wheel|line wheel intermediate frequency quenching equipment-Technical parameters:

model Power supply input power IF range Duty rate Input Current Dimensions (mm)
XXZP-200/4 Three-phase four-wire 380V 50-60HZ 200KW 3-4KHZ 100% 300A 530*760*1660

2. The selection advantage of the new IGBT IF series, why choose IGBT induction heating equipment to quench the surface of the wheel|guide wheel?

    At the beginning, the induction heating type heat treatment method is one of the safe and environmentally friendly methods. Secondly, the IGBT is a component, which is added to lay the foundation for energy saving and high efficiency of the equipment. Then, such IGBT induction heating equipment is The user in the market responds very well and is an efficient and energy-saving environmentally friendly equipment, so it is also the equipment we recommend to you.

Second, 200KW guide wheel | row wheel surface quenching equipment - new technical features:

    It adopts IGBT devices and components for global procurement, adopts high-efficiency combined resonance technology, adopts low-inductance circuit arrangement, adopts large-scale digital circuits, and adopts more comprehensive and mature protection technology.

Third, its application fields are more extensive:

    This kind of equipment can not only use the guide wheel, the surface of the wheel is quenched, but also can be applied to the surface quenching of other large-diameter discs. It can also be applied to the heat penetration of bar, square steel, round steel, etc. We respect it!

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