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Welcome to the Lingcheng Electronics website!
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Guide wheel intermediate frequency quenching equipment

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Product description

    Guide wheel medium frequency quenching equipment, at least 1 set, huh, huh, according to the size of the guide wheel commonly used by users, and based on the technical parameters of this set of equipment for us, we recommend JZ-200 medium frequency quenching equipment.

    Haha, at the beginning our users are still very confused, the diameter of the 600mm guide wheel, such large diameter wheels to be surface hardened, can meet their technical requirements? Our company proposed to send this big wheel over, we experimented on the spot, because the wheel quality is too large, there is no suitable mechanical tooling, we have found a professional driving clamp on it, on-site surface quenching experiment, you guess the result how about it? After reading it, our users were very satisfied. They also monitored its surface hardness and reached the hardness that its material can achieve. The quenching depth reached 4-8mm, which can meet the needs of users and sign the contract with us on the spot. This is also the thing of last year, huh, huh, share it with you today! I hope this information will help you. 
    The main components of this set of "guide wheel surface intermediate frequency quenching equipment" are: one JZ-200 medium frequency quenching equipment, one professional supporting mechanical tooling, two guiding wheel surface quenching sensors, and one double circulating cooling system. The high-end configuration makes the surface of the guide wheel harder. Related videos and users can call us to share the video and information for free delivery! At the same time, we have also overcome the surface quenching of other large workpieces. It is announced here. If you have any requirements, you can directly contact us: 
large diameter roller surface quenching equipment, large diameter gear sprocket surface quenching and quenching equipment, large diameter Axial surface quenching equipment, large ring gear raceway quenching equipment, large track plate quenching, surface induction quenching of port mechanical track wheels (large diameter ¢1000, weight 1000kg), etc., quenching on the surface of the workpiece, looking forward to your call advisory!
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