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Large gear quenching equipment

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Product description

    The purpose of quenching the surface of the gear is very clear. We have mentioned it many times in the article in order to improve its surface wear resistance, improve its surface hardness, improve the quality of the tooth itself and improve its competitiveness in the industry.

    Today is the "200KW medium frequency gear quenching furnace" for everyone. Of course, its function is also to quench the surface of the gear. The difference is that the surface of the large diameter gear is quenched. Oh, I am interested. This equipment solves many users. Technical problems of heat treatment of workpieces. For the overall quenching of 600mm diameter gear surface, we recommend 200KW medium frequency quenching furnace. After a lot of practical experience, we firmly recommend this equipment. Now let me introduce this equipment in detail, let you more Learn about this intermediate frequency quenching furnace. 
    Its unique technology: global procurement of IGBT devices and components, high-efficiency combined resonance technology, low-inductance circuit arrangement, large-scale digital circuits, and more comprehensive and mature protection technology. Our company has developed and produced IGBT induction heating equipment for more than 20 years, and has launched innovative products for the first time in the country. The JZ series energy-saving IF introduced this time is a major technological innovation. It has fundamentally revolutionized the old-fashioned intermediate frequency featuring thyristors and is an innovative replacement for the old-fashioned KGPS IF. 
    Its new technology upgrade, energy saving and high efficiency, let us see its remarkable features, but also the old equipment can not be surpassed and compared, today here is a grand recommendation for this equipment, let it get a larger area of promotion, Let more users benefit, can save more energy and resources, I am proud of our company's equipment, we can be honored to recommend this equipment for everyone. 
Technical parameters of 200KW gear medium frequency quenching furnace:
model Power supply input power IF range Duty rate Input Current Dimensions (mm)
XXZP-200/4 Three-phase four-wire 380V 50-60HZ 200KW 3-4KHZ 100% 300A 530*760*1660
    In addition, you are reminded that: in addition to the overall quenching of large-diameter gear surfaces, this equipment can also heat treat other large workpieces, such as: quenching the surface of the sprocket with a diameter of about 900mm; quenching the surface of the shaft with a diameter of 200mm; Left and right, bar material|round steel 70mm or so diathermy, etc. If you have other large workpieces that need heat treatment, you can contact us directly, or you can go to our company for experiment, look forward to working with you to collaborate and discuss the heat treatment of metal workpieces. Process technology, looking forward to your call.

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