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Heat transfer oil heating furnace customization

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Product description
    Heat transfer oil heating furnace - new application of high frequency heating machine, this is an extension of our new application. After developing this application, the high frequency heating machine has a new application field, and this application field is also very extensive, chemical, plastic , food, distillation, furniture and other industries, we provide solutions to provide professional customization according to your needs. Let's introduce it to the pro, don't panic. If you are also the boss or technical engineer of these industries, you can first understand the industry, huh, huh, let's take a look at the following: 
heat transfer oil heating furnace - widely used in chemical production Various reaction kettles to achieve various chemical reactions; 
 various vulcanization, drying, high temperature molding of rubber and plastics, printing and dyeing, papermaking. 
 Plywood, hot pressing in MDF production. 
 Various drying rooms, various industrial heat exchangers. 
    The above is a new "heat transfer oil heating furnace - new application of high frequency heating machine", are you an industry in these industries? Are you also paying attention to these industries, our newly developed new application replaces the traditional coal, gas and other combustion, right now, there is a wide application of electric heating rod heating, but it has a big disadvantage is the service life. Not long, we must constantly replace this heating rod, so the user who uses the heating rod also has a headache. Oh, now the savior is coming, this equipment is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, in line with the national environmental protection policy, and now the environmental pollution is too strong. However, the number of pollution days in some cities is also increasing year by year. Therefore, the heat transfer oil heating furnace we have developed can be used in many industries, especially in industries with too much pollution, and even such equipment, so... ...you know! 
Heat transfer oil heating furnace - basic configuration 
1, up frequency control cabinet; 
2, heating high temperature cable; 
3, heating cylinder; 
4, refill cylinder; 
5, high temperature heat transfer oil pump; 
6, high temperature valve; 
7, PLC plus touch screen control box. 
    Heat transfer oil heating furnace - main features 
1, high efficiency and energy saving
    The thermal efficiency is as high as 95% or more, and the electric heating method saves more than 30% under the same conditions. 
2. The preheating time is short, which is 2/3 shorter than that of the heating rod. 
3. Isolation heating, the up-conversion heating cable only heats the cylinder and is safely isolated from the heat-conducting oil. 
4, reduce the use of maintenance costs; heating cable is not damaged, to avoid frequent replacement of the heating rod. 
5. The circuit adopts digital fast and accurate control, adopts German IGBT module, and the circuit is advanced, stable and reliable. 
6, improve the working environment, less heat dissipation, the outer surface of the heating cylinder is almost room temperature. 
7, can achieve temperature zone control, temperature control accuracy, temperature difference ≤ ± 5 ° C. 
    Can achieve high temperature heating, can be heated to 400 ° C to 600 ° C when the heat transfer oil allows. The power is adjusted from 20% to 100% of full power to meet user requirements. 
8. The up-conversion control box and heating cable are completely air-cooled.

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