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Welcome to the Lingcheng Electronics website!
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High frequency induction heating equipment

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Product description
    The 80KW high-frequency induction heating machine adopts the new IGBT as the main component. Its overall power consumption is very small. When it heats the workpiece, its instantaneous heating current is relatively large. When its heating gradually becomes stable, its output current is also Slowly and smoothly, the power consumption will be reduced accordingly. Therefore, the power consumption of our equipment is relatively small, which is a suitable equipment for efficient power saving. So where are the technical characteristics of the 80KW high-frequency heating equipment? Let us give priority to it? 
    Compared with the past, our newly launched "80KW high-frequency heating equipment" has several outstanding advantages. It is described as follows: 1. The circuit is more integrated; 2. The digital circuit has obvious advantages; 3. The appearance is more beautiful. With a protective glass, the safety performance is further improved! The new equipment you can use with confidence, not only high production efficiency, but also in line with national environmental standards, it is important that it is safe, hehe! 
    After many experiments and the reaction of the user's on-site power consumption, we have concluded that the new 80KW high-frequency induction heating machine is more energy efficient, let's take a closer look at the new product.

  As long as our equipment has over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, water shortage, and other faults, its indicator light will be displayed directly, and an alarm will be given to remind you of its problem, you need your love, huh, huh Very user-friendly design, please see the digital display above the picture, it will directly show the normal situation of the device and some parts will make corresponding prompts. If you do not turn off the power in time, then our device will automatically break. Electric, self-protected until the fault is removed. 
The basic technical parameters of the 80KW high-frequency induction heating machine are as follows: For your reference: The 

  above data is for reference only. If you need more detailed product information and heating technology to get in touch with us in time, we will serve you with sincerity and quality. You sincerely cooperate, look forward to your inquiries, of course, I look forward to your visit to our company, personally experiment with the workpiece, see the heating efficiency, see if it really saves electricity, the vision is true!
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