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Spline shaft quenching equipment - high frequency 160kw

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Product description

    The high-frequency heating machine is no stranger to you. For the selection of the surface of the spline shaft, do you know clearly? Different types of spline shaft surface heating require high-frequency induction heating machines with different powers, so how to choose? What is the 160KW high-frequency induction heating machine that can heat the spline shaft? Today's analysis is also... see if you have what you need?

    Through a lot of experimental practice, our 160KW high-frequency induction heating machine can quench the surface of the spline shaft with a diameter of 150mm. It is quenched by the up and down and rotary motion modes, so that the hardened hard layer and quenching hardness of the quenched spline shaft are all quenched. More uniform, is a reasonable quenching method, the perfection of this quenching process needs to rely on an artifact - that is, CNC quenching machine, its assistance to reduce our manual strength is one of them, and it only needs one programming, then Complete up and down and rotary motion, and will never be "tired", so that the "spline shaft quenching complete equipment" is formed by a combination of high frequency heating machine + professional numerical control quenching machine. The perfect combination of the two makes the spline The surface quenching of the shaft reaches the technical indicators we want. 
Technical parameters and appearance of 160KW high frequency heating machine:
model input power Input voltage Oscillation frequency Dimensions
XXYP-160 160KW Three-phase 380V 50-60HZ 15-35KHZ
Main: 600*480*1380
Points: 500*800*580
    The above is the technical parameters and appearance of the 160KW high-frequency heating machine. The current equipment is also a new type of new upgraded high-frequency heating machine. It is more stable than the previous generation, safer to operate, more comprehensive protection and more beautiful appearance. Oh, welcome You visit our company to visit new equipment. 
    160KW high-frequency heating machine can not only heat the surface of the spline shaft with a diameter of 150mm, but also heat-treat other workpieces. The typical application is as follows: the whole gear surface of the diameter of 450mm is quenched, and the surface of the sprocket with a diameter of about 600mm is quenched. The cross-sectional area is heat-treated at a surface of 400 or less; for a steel plate with a thickness of 30 mm and a length of 1 m wide, etc., if the workpiece has similar workpieces, this can be used as a reference for the power of your equipment. I hope this This number is helpful to you.

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