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Transmission shaft quenching equipment -120KW

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Product description
    The company's professional manufacturer of high-frequency induction heating equipment can meet the surface quenching of various metal workpieces. The internal structure changes after quenching, the performance is more stable, the surface hardness is enhanced, wear resistance, durability, tensile strength increase, service life. It is 3-5 times of the original non-quenching. Among them, the metal part of the drive shaft is no exception. For its surface quenching, we recommend to select a high-frequency 120KW device, which can heat and quench the surface of the drive shaft with a diameter of less than 120mm. 
Universal type - high frequency transmission shaft quenching equipment → basic technical parameters:
XXYP-120 type:  
 Input power: 120 KW 
 Three phases: 380±10% 50-60 HZ 
 Oscillating frequency: 25-35 KHZ, 
 Cooling water pressure: ≥0.05 MPa  
 Weight: 340 kg  
 Host volume: 1200 × 700 × 1870mm3 Extension 650 × 900 × 760mm3 
Our "high-frequency drive shaft quenching heater" the following advantages are your choice:
1. IGBT is used as the main device and full bridge inverter.
2, 100% load sustained rate design, can work continuously.
3. The protection function is perfect and the reliability is high.
4, remote control and matching infrared temperature measurement, automatic temperature control, improve heating quality and simplify worker operations.
5. Replace the heating method of oxyacetylene flame, coke oven, salt bath furnace, gas furnace and oil furnace.
6, using frequency automatic tracking and multi-channel closed-loop control
7, easy to install, easy to operate.
In addition, high-frequency 120KW equipment can also be used for heat treatment of the following workpieces:
1. Machine tool guide quenching, gear quenching, larger gear single tooth quenching, sprocket quenching, gear shaft quenching, drive shaft quenching
2. Shaft quenching, spline shaft quenching, metal powder remelting
3. The axe of the pin is quenched, the claw hammer is quenched, and the wire cutter is quenched.
4. Various stainless steel containers are annealed and stretched
5. Local heat treatment of automobile and motorcycle parts, local heat treatment of various mechanical parts;
6. Quenching of gears up to 400 in diameter,
7. Quenching treatment of shafts with a diameter of 120 or less;

8. Quenching treatment of sprocket with diameter below 500.

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