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Welcome to the Lingcheng Electronics website!
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Sprocket quenching equipment

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Product description

    The good choice of 200mm diameter sprocket high frequency quenching machine is 50KW of high frequency quenching machine. However, the output power of this equipment is 50KW. The overall quenching of the diameter of 200mm chain surface is just right. It is better to choose the right one. The equipment is not only expensive but also fully meets your process technology needs. We only recommend the correct power equipment, and will not let you spend more money. Believe us, come on... The following specific introduction:

1. Basic technical parameters of the equipment:    
model input power Input voltage Oscillation frequency Dimensions
WH-VIII-50 50KW Three-phase 380V 50-60HZ 15-35KHZ 550*650*1260
    What are the advantages of 2.50KW equipment? Why do we have this device? 
    It is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and efficient. It meets the energy conservation and environmental protection requirements of the current national Tichang, and it is also in line with the development of the times. Secondly: fast heating, wide use; simple installation, small size, light weight, connection power supply, induction coil and inlet and outlet pipes can be used; quick start, good effect; protection device: over-voltage, over-current, over-heating, An alarm indication such as lack of water effectively protects the operation of the machine. 5 Low maintenance cost: 50% lower than other products in the industry. Then, are you in the middle of this device? Oh, are these reasons not enough? You can come up with specific technical requirements for your process, and we will work together to improve production efficiency and improve production processes.

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