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Auto parts quenching equipment

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Product description

    Valves and valve rams are part of the automotive parts. Their surfaces have one thing in common: they are wear-resistant, because the two parts are always in friction, so the surface must have a certain degree of wear resistance to ensure Its quality, their role is not at all here, people in this machinery industry should know, huh, huh, then today our focus is how to improve the quality of the valve and valve ejector and its surface Wear resistance:

    How to improve? After many people have proved that the surface heat treatment of them, that is, the surface of the valve and valve ram is heated and quenched, to improve the wear resistance of the surface, the surface of the valve or valve stem after quenching will have a 1-3mm. The quenching hard layer, we as the manufacturer of induction heating equipment, metal surface quenching equipment manufacturers, recommend a reasonable selection for you, for these two workpieces, we recommend to choose high frequency series to meet!

First, the high frequency - WH-VIII-50\80 can be, its technical parameters are as follows:
model input power Input voltage Oscillation frequency Dimensions
XXYP-80 80KW Three-phase 380V 50-60HZ 20-35KHZ
Main: 600*480*1380
Points: 500*800*580
    Specific equipment analysis: As can be seen from the above table, it is divided into two parts, one is the main body - the power supply part, and the other is the split transformer part. Its role is not to say much here, mainly the heating part, if you Interested to visit our company directly! You can also find us directly to find the picture of the field. 
Second, talk about the advantages of our equipment - valve | valve top rod surface heating and quenching equipment: 
1. Fast heating, wide use: fast heating speed less than one second, can heat various metal components, metal composite components. Replace the removable induction coil according to the shape of the workpiece. 
2. Simple installation, small size, light weight, connection to power supply, induction coil and inlet and outlet pipes can be used. Learn in a few minutes. 
3. Start fast, the effect is good. Through the water, after heating, the heating can be started, the heating is even, and the temperature rises quickly. Heating of different temperatures in different parts of the workpiece can be achieved. 
4. Protection device: It has over-voltage, over-current, over-heat, water shortage and other alarm indications to effectively protect the operation safety of the machine. 
5. Low maintenance cost: 50% lower than other products in the industry. 
Third, "valve|valve top surface heating and quenching equipment" daily maintenance: 
  1. Frequently sweep the components inside the equipment to keep its surface clean; 
  2. Check the frequently moving electrical components, for example: contactor closure and separation Condition, whether the wiring is loose; 
  3. Check the leveling system for leaking water; 
  4. Check whether each safety switch is reliable; 
  5. The ambient temperature of the equipment is kept at 20-25 degrees. 
It is worth noting that our equipment should pay attention to keep warm in winter, and pay attention to the water temperature alarm caused by excessive temperature in summer.
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