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Hand tool edge quenching equipment

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Product description

    The edge of the hand tool quenching equipment is not afraid of grinding. Today, this equipment is recommended for the quenching of various hand tools. The purpose of quenching it is to improve its hardness and improve its edge wear resistance. Hand tools such as: can be divided into screw and nut assembly hand tools (such as wrenches, screw drivers), construction hand tools, gardening hand tools (scissors, trowels, files, tree branches, etc.) Tools, measuring hand tools, woodworking hand tools, welding hand tools, etc. Commonly used are hammers, hoes, knives, pliers, saws, screw drivers, wrenches and diamond tools.

    Waiting for these hand tools, one thing in common is that it needs a hardness at its tip or edge or surface. If the hardness is not enough, its own wear resistance will be particularly poor, not durable, not wearable, and the quality is relatively Poor, in order to deal with this problem, think of ways to increase its or the edge or surface or local hardness, one of which is to quench it to improve their wear resistance and improve the quality of the product itself. 
    For the quenching of manual tools for some small workpieces, it is generally possible to choose a small quenching equipment, which can meet our technical requirements. You don't have to choose the expensive ones. The choice is right. Today, we recommend the general models for everyone. The high-frequency quenching machine - WH-VIII-50, can quench various hand tools, the following detailed description of this equipment:

First, the relevant technical parameters:
model input power Input voltage Oscillation frequency Dimensions
XXYP-50 50KW Three-phase 380V 50-60HZ 15-35KHZ 550*650*1260
Second, the scope of application: 
1. Quenching of various hand tools; 
2. The heat of smaller high-strength bolts; heat treatment of smaller gears, sprocket and other parts; 
3. Wind drills, picks, machining tools, etc. Welding; 
4. Non-ferrous metal smelting. 
    Is the application field very extensive? The real one-machine multi-purpose high-frequency quenching machine changes the performance index of metal workpieces, making us more profitable, more worry-free and more efficient. Is such equipment value not worth recommending? Ha ha... 
Third, functional characteristics advantages:
1, heating fast: fast heating speed is less than 1 second, (speed can be adjusted to control) 
2, wide heating: can heat a variety of metal workpieces (replace the detachable induction coil according to the shape of the workpiece) 
3, easy to install: connect the power supply, induction coil and inlet and outlet pipes can be used; small size, light weight, very convenient to use 4, easy to operate: a few minutes to learn
5, start fast: after the water is energized, it can start heating less power consumption: 70% energy saving than the old electronic tube high intermediate frequency equipment, the smaller the workpiece, the smaller the power consumption
6, the effect is good: the heating is very uniform (can also adjust the density of the induction coil, so that each part of the workpiece can get the required temperature)
7, fast heating, less oxide layer, no waste after annealing 
8, power adjustable: stepless adjustment of output power
9, full protection: with over-voltage, over-current, overheating, water shortage and other alarm indications, and automatic control and protection.
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