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Welcome to the Lingcheng Electronics website!
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Metal bar forging and forging special equipment

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Product description

    Metal bar material forging and forging special equipment, can also be called metal bar material through heat forging equipment, metal bar material diathermy equipment, metal bar material diathermic furnace, etc., called the country is really unification, north and south The difference is relatively large, and the same product is called different. No matter what, no matter whether the southerner or the northerner can know what it means, hehe.

    The main function of this kind of equipment is to heat and dilute the metal bar, so that the temperature difference in the inner surface can not be too large, play a basic role in the later forging type or heating bending or other, heating is the premise, so I The company's heating equipment can be used in many industries, many processing and manufacturing industries. 
    First, the "metal bar burning through forging special equipment" heating method: 
    we use induction heating to heat the metal workpiece through heat, its advantages are: heating speed, heating metal workpieces often only take a few seconds or tens In seconds, the efficiency is extremely high; induction heating is a way of instant heating, so its production cycle is fast; it is easy to operate, easy to learn, and people can learn in two to three hours; it saves energy and does not pollute the air. The production workshop is not in the smoke, the workshop environment is good, and the production environment of the workshop is improved. 
    Second, the "metal bar through-burning forging special equipment" model selection: 
    we can provide power from 50KW-500KW, all new IGBT-type induction heating equipment, we choose different power models according to the user's workpiece diameter, below we Examples will be given to you to make your equipment selection clearer: 
For small diameter bars such as: less than 20mm diameter, we recommend 50KW 
diameter 20-30mm, we recommend 80KW equipment; diameter 30-40mm, We recommend 
120KW equipment; diameter 40-50mm, we recommend 160KW equipment; 
    larger diameter to choose more power equipment, 200KW, 300KW, 500KW and other models to choose, can be used for different diameters of bar material, more technical advice Our regular manufacturer gives you an authoritative answer!
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