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Square steel diathermy induction intermediate frequency furnace

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Product description

    Today, the weather in Zhengzhou is very cool. It’s hard to have a rain. At such a pleasant temperature, today’s Xiaobian will give you an analysis of “70 square square steel telescopic induction medium frequency furnace”. We will mention 70 in this article. The square steel diathermy selection, process technology and equipment advantages of the square are clearly introduced to you, and provide you with a reliable product information. I hope this information can help you. I hope that your selection and For other reliable information, please see below!

    First, let's take a look at the selection problem of " 
    70 square square steel telescopic induction medium frequency furnace": for 70 square square steel diathermy, our professional heat treatment equipment manufacturers recommend XXZP-200 intermediate frequency series for you, after many years. The production experience and the user site, the recommendations we made are trustworthy, we are responsible for telling you that this is a recommended equipment, for the 70-square square steel diathermy, huh, as a regular manufacturer, Every word you say must be based on facts, huh, please believe in our recommendation. 
    Second, let's take a look, why do we recommend the XXZP-200 IF series equipment? Give you the following reasons, do you see it? 
1.XXZP-200KW, is our recommended intermediate frequency series, with large output power, professionally designed for large workpieces to transmit heat, and the temperature difference between inside and outside is not much different when heating, suitable for forging type, so we recommend IFZ series of XXZP-200 equipment; 
2.JZ series efficient energy saving device, with other chemical means supporting the use of fully automated, more easily automated, on cost also evident energy saving key is that it can replace conventional combustion of coal, gas or the like, not It will produce carbon dioxide gas and will not pollute the air, so it is environmentally friendly and meets the national environmental protection standards. 
3. Its technical characteristics are as follows: IGBT devices, components global procurement, high efficiency combined resonance technology, low inductance Circuit arrangement, large-scale digital circuit, and more comprehensive and mature protection technology, it can be seen that its safety factor is relatively high, it is safe for the human body, and the output voltage is within the safe voltage of 36V, which will not cause harm to the human body! 
4. User experience is good, user praise rate is high, user return rate is high: users who have used our equipment have the second time, the third time, and so on, cooperate with our company many times, you think, if it is not easy to use, How can he work with us again, huh, we look forward to the cooperation of every user, and we hope to bring you efficient production efficiency! 
     For the 70-square square steel diathermy, we solemnly recommend the "XXZP-200 intermediate frequency series induction furnace".

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