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High frequency quenching machine common troubleshooting method

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  Some problems with the equipment, here are some common troubleshooting methods, I hope to help you. If you encounter this situation, please don't worry, before our maintenance personnel can arrive at the scene, you can First judge the cause of the failure. The common problems are summarized as follows:

Failure possible cause solution

When the power switch is turned on, the “Power” light does not light. 1. The panel power switch is not in good contact.
2.1A fuse damage
3. Missing phase 1. Turn it on and then turn it on again and again
2. For 1A insurance
3. Check the power supply voltage
Adjust panel power to maximum, no current indication or current is too small 1. Excessive sensor count or overload
2. Sensor short circuit
3. Poor contact at the sensor connector
4. The connector inside the machine is loose or the screw is loose. 1. Reconfigure the sensor.
2. Restart to work properly
3. Grinding or pickling at the joint

The workpiece cannot be heated after it is placed. 1. The external power supply capacity is small or the line is too thin.
2. Missing phase
3. Excessive sensor count or excessive load
4. Half bridge work 1. Increase power supply capacity
2. Check the three-phase power supply
3. Reconfigure the sensor
4. Contact the manufacturer

Water pressure alarm 1. Water pressure is too low
2. Scale blocking
3. The water pressure switch is broken 1. Increase the water pressure
2. Cleaning scale
3. Replace the water pressure switch

Water temperature alarm 1. The water temperature is too high
2. The water flow is too small
3. Water pipe blockage
4. Too much scale inside
5. Water temperature relay is bad 1. Change cooling water
2. Increase pump or water pressure
3. Clean with detergent 1:40
4. Replace the water temperature relay

Overcurrent alarm 1. Poor contact or short circuit of the sensor
1. AC contactor contact is poorly connected
2. The sensor is too many or too few
3. Fire at the external power connector
4. Poor contact of high frequency cable
5. Power board failure
6. There is a fire inside.
8. Resonant transformer is bad 1. Check sensor, high frequency cable, external power supply
1. Replace the AC contactor
2. Reduce the number of sensor turns
4. Check the power tube
Overvoltage alarm The overvoltage indicator lights up to indicate that the voltage is above 420V and the machine automatically stops working. Handling grid voltage
Phase loss alarm Line power shortage phase Check incoming power

The above is the most common troubleshooting method. If there are other faults, please contact us in time, we will dispatch the sales personnel to the scene for maintenance. Thank you for your cooperation.
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