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What problems can IGBT high frequency heating equipment solve?

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    What problems can you solve with IGBT high-frequency heating equipment? What kind of workpiece heating needs to use IGBT high frequency class? Which workpiece heating requires IGBT heating equipment for intermediate frequency Let's take a look at the following explanations. What are the advantages of our new IGBTs ? Oh, I believe that you have a lot of questions like Xiaobian. With these questions, let's take a look at the following article. I hope that the following summary of the small series can help you: The main function of 
    IGBT high-frequency heating equipment is Heating metal workpieces, including quenching, tempering, annealing, and heat permeable. Different heating fields can be used to select different heating technology for different heat treatment processes according to different users, to provide you with professional technical guidance. It includes basic problem solving such as equipment selection, different process technical requirements for different workpieces, and different missions. The corresponding heat treatment temperature is also different. The new IGBT -type high-frequency heating equipment can solve the technical problems of heat treatment of various metal workpiece surfaces and heat dissipation of small-diameter bars. The specific dimensions are also mentioned below.

    What problems can   IGBT high frequency heating equipment solve for you? Hehe, look at the table below:
 Let's first talk about the high-frequency heating equipment to meet the technical requirements of metal workpieces, 1. Hardened hard layer in 1-3mm , hardness after quenching can reach HRC45-60, these two are basic parameter; 2. diathermy words, more suitable for general or local diathermy small diameter bar; and
  secondly to look at its specific heat application workpiece dimensions:
disk type: such as gears, sprockets, flywheel ring gear, the double-stranded Wheels, spur gears, herringbone gears, bevel gears and other discs, high-frequency series can meet thetechnical requirements of the overall quenching process of disc surfacewith a diameter ofabout 500mm ;

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