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How to quench the 40Cr material 7-tooth sprocket?

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    How to quench the 40Cr material 7-tooth sprocket? Just a user called and asked a question like this, the material is 40Cr, the metal workpiece of good material, the diameter is 400mm, the diameter is not too big, if required, the hardness is between 50-55 degrees, the hard layer requirement is more than 10mm. Oh, this hard layer requires a very deep, how to quench the workpiece? Xiaobian immediately consulted a technical department and got the following conclusions. Of course, it is still incomplete. There must be further communication with the user. There must be a specific equipment parameter and selection criteria. In the editor of tomorrow, Xiaobian will explain to you, first look at the conclusion of this premise: 
    because the diameter of the workpiece is not large, the power selection will not be too large, but the quenching hard layer required by the user is relatively deep, we give two suggestions, One is single-tooth quenching, which can reach this hardened hard layer. One is the requirement of the whole equipment quenching to reach the quenching hard layer. The temporary technical department gives such a conclusion. Oh, it doesn't matter, Xiaobian will continue to track the technical department and give you More technical communication, try my best to solve this problem, huh, huh, I want to know what happened, please see the next sharing... 
    Our current technical team is very capable, at this stage, we launch high-end, medium The end induction heating device can also customize the power and output frequency end equipment, which can meet the high standard requirements of users at any time. Therefore, I think this problem should also not be Question, the next communication with users will slowly get rid of this problem, Xiao Bian will continue to related technology as you describe in the next article. 
    How to quench the 40Cr material 7-tooth sprocket? Please look forward to the next analysis of Xiaobian!
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