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How to do the heat treatment of difficult workpieces and large workpieces?

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    How to do the heat treatment of difficult workpieces and large workpieces? Nowadays, more and more metal workpieces need heat treatment, and more and more shaped metal workpieces and difficult metal workpieces need heat treatment. This is a problem, because many irregular metal workpieces are not handled well, but for users. Well, it has to be dealt with, what should we do? Our professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment has encountered a lot of heat treatment for various large workpieces and irregular metal workpieces, and it has also solved a lot of technical problems for users! 
    We have introduced a wider range of power heating equipment, IGBT type series-parallel circuit, high power can reach 3000KW, so now we are more confident to tell you that we are more confident to deal with the larger, previously less heat treatment The metal workpieces, and the new generation of induction heating equipment upgrade work has been fully completed, intelligent, digital metal heat treatment equipment is displayed in front of people, allowing you to see its development more directly, easy to operate, safe, safe High performance, heat treatment range is further improved, you are welcome to provide us with more difficult to heat metal parts, we will do our best to solve the technical problems for you. Let's promote the recent product achievements: the 
    new energy-saving IGBT series-parallel induction heating power supply, digital, intelligent, user-friendly equipment, is the highlight of the market, but also our selling point, such equipment will be introduced to the market, it will It has been quickly accepted and spread by the market, and its quality warranty for 2 years, it can be seen that its quality is quite a pass, so you don't have to worry about quality issues, let's talk about its digital, intelligent, user-friendly design: 
First, digital Embodiment: 
1. All integrated control, digital signal output, replaces the traditional analog signal output; 
2. Digital display of control panel, the device can be displayed normally; 
3. The workpiece process can be converted into digital information output, with your Computer connected, more vivid description of the heat treatment index of each batch of workpieces; 
4. Automated tracking technology, used with CNC quenching machine tools; 
Second, intelligent embodiment: 
1. Designed the function of opening the door protection, effective guarantee of the operator Personal safety;
2. The faulty device also reflects its intelligence. No matter what happens to the device, just press the help button and follow the device prompt to solve the fault. 
3. As long as your hard disk is large enough, it can record every The heat treatment technology of a batch of workpieces allows you to easily process the same workpiece again. 
Third, the humanized design concept: 
1. The process of automatically storing each batch of workpieces, such as: diameter, hardened hard layer, quenching liquid concentration, operator name And other specific information, and can be adjusted at any time for future operation; 
2. In the case of diathermy, there are many more, such as three kinds of bars with different diameters need to be diathered, our power supply can be more than one, three different The diameter of the rod is diathermy, which can be automatically switched; 
etc., you think, our design researchers think about it, learn more, call, we are looking forward to your inquiries! Do you know how to handle difficult workpieces and large workpiece heat treatment? Oh, may we help you.
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