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Steel online heating production line

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Rebar heating production line, what is the main purpose of this equipment? Why choose this set of equipment?

    The purpose of this production line is to use ordinary carbon steel plate as the base material, and through a series of processes such as strong rolling on-line induction stabilization and control of flying shears. The produced steel bars, various performance indicators such as: tensile mildness, yield strength, elongation, etc. reach the level III steel, that is, the level of HRB400 steel, according to the material mechanics and other strength substitution principle, can completely replace the grade III steel. The appearance is bright and blue, with a layer of dense rust-proof layer, and the ribs are clear and full.

The metallurgical principle of this production line:

    The metallurgical principle of the production line and the process performed is: by controlling the rolling, the grain refinement is refined, the lattice dislocation is strengthened, and the lattice orientation is strengthened. Work hardening and internal stress are also produced. Then, a quick on-line heat treatment is added to stabilize the structure and eliminate internal stress and work hardening. Provides superior overall mechanical properties to the material.

The basic composition of this production line:

1) Dispensing rack.

2) Descaling straightening machine before rolling.

3) Guide.

4) Powerful rolling mill.

5) Modular induction heating equipment.

6) Straightening machine after rolling.

7) Fixed-length flying shears.

8) Automatic turning rack.

9) Internal circulation water cooling system.

10) Bellows water and water heat exchanger.

11) Console.

12) Power supply system, low voltage switchgear (user-supplied).

13) Water supply system (user-supplied).

    For example, take the steel bar within 8mm in diameter as an example to see how to choose the model. Please contact us in time for more selections to provide you with a more reasonable configuration!

Production of steel bars below 8mm: (Ф8mm steel bar speed is 60m/min)

1. Production:

Production per hour: 1.5 tons

Class production: 12 tons

Nissan: 36 tons

2. Selection and equipment configuration:

Option A: 6 sets of 50KW modules.

Option B: 4 sets of 80KW modules

Option C: 2 sets of 160KW modules

3, electricity consumption: 200 degrees / hour

4. It is recommended to use option A.

5. The power transformer capacity is 200KVA.

    Warm reminder, the diameter of the steel bars is different, the speed is different, the selection and configuration are different, so please contact us for more specific information! We are factory direct sales, eliminating the difference between the middlemen and giving the reasonable price to the users. You are welcome to call!

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