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Machine tool guide quenching production line

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case description
    This set of equipment uses IGBT as the main feature of the super-audio induction heating power supply for heating equipment, moderate quenching layer, uniform hardness, energy saving.

    In order to complete the quenching of the machine guide rail, in addition to a good power supply, there must be a complete set of motion mechanisms.

    The movement mechanism is divided into two main categories: the first is the equipment does not move; the bed movement. This type of bed is generally bulky and cumbersome, resulting in a large moving mechanism, and the length of the workshop is at least twice the length of the bed.

    The other type is that the bed does not move and the heating equipment moves, so that the length of the workshop required for the equipment is generally the length of the bed. The weight carried by the movement is not too large, and the movement mechanism is relatively light.

We use the second exercise program:

    In this way, due to the power supply, the quenching transformer, the water-cooled portion, and the quenching liquid spray portion are a complete system. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise as a whole, which is also a feature of the device.

    In addition, in the height direction, in order to adapt to different bed heights, the sensor also needs to move. In order to adapt to different widths of the bed in the width direction, it is also necessary to move in the lateral direction.

    The main feature of this equipment is that the power cabinet, transformer cabinet, together with the inductor and water cooling system form a unified design complete system. Perform longitudinal (along the length of the bed) and lateral movement (perpendicular to the length of the bed). The transformer, together with the sensor, performs motion in the height direction.

Standard main technical parameters

Vertical stroke

10m (valid)

Longitudinal travel speed (stepless speed regulation)


Longitudinal return speed


Lateral travel


Horizontal adjustment line speed


Lifting height stroke


Sensor low height


Lifting line speed

(fast) 1200mm/min

(fine tuning) 120mm/min-600mm/min

The equipment is mainly composed of the following units:

1, medium frequency induction heating power supply   

2, water cooling unit  

3, sensor                

4, three-dimensional motion mechanism

5, the operation box

    This set of special quenching equipment for machine tool guides can be customized according to customer's technical parameters. This set of equipment can not only heat-treat and quench the surface of machine tool guide rails, but also apply to the surface of rails and bed surface heat treatment of trampoline guide rails, grinder guide rails, planer guide rails, linear guide rails, etc. Quenching. For more solutions, please contact us in time!
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