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Pick wire online welding production line

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Equipment configuration and processing process:

    Since the workpiece is mainly divided into two major processes of welding and quenching and tempering, and the two processes have their own characteristics and different requirements, the device is equipped with two sets of heating power sources:

    A set of characteristics for its welding: the depth of heating is small. At the same time, it can sense the visibility and adjustability of the cemented carbide, which can assist in some operations: such as pressing the cemented carbide.

    According to the above characteristics, configure our company XXYP-160 equipment frequency is moderate 15-25KHZ, penetration depth is appropriate, with heating transformer, heating furnace (inductor) does not tie cement, so the visibility is strong, the sensor is a safe voltage, convenient and safe for auxiliary operation.

    Quenching and tempering heating: The workpiece is required to be heated evenly, the penetration depth is deep, and the heating speed is fast.

    Therefore, our company's XXZP-200 IF equipment is suitable, the rate is moderate 4-8KHZ, and the penetration depth is good. It can be fully diathered: the heating furnace (inductor) uses a cement knotting method to close the structure to improve the operating environment and reduce heat loss, thereby saving power consumption.

    In addition: two power supplies heat the workpieces conveyed on the same production line. The two heatings must simultaneously reach the required welding temperature and quenching and tempering temperature. In this case, the power of one unit can be changed first. By adjusting the other power, it is convenient to achieve the synchronization of the welding and quenching and heating.

The processing process is as follows:

    Accessories (loading solder, flux, cemented carbide plus transmission production line, into the workpiece positioning sleeve), the workpiece speed into the furnace while the inductor is heated and welded. The workpiece is welded into the compacting station, and the workpiece is manually pressed into the quenching and heating tooling. Due to the special design of the heating furnace, the tooling only heats the welded part, and only the picking body and the handle are heated, and the heating is completed. Drag the workpiece out of the production line and drop it into the quenching liquid pool for quenching and tempering.

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