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Welcome to the Lingcheng Electronics website!
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Plate type online quenching production line

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    In order to enable customers to carry out heat treatment production conveniently and quickly, it is no longer necessary to choose the matching equipment or self-made equipment. Our company introduces complete sets of quenching equipment for gears, sprocket shafts and lathe guide parts:

The main components of the complete set of equipment:

Super audio induction heating power supply;

    It is suitable for workpieces with a hardened layer depth of 1-3mm. The gear diameter is about ¢250; the workpiece has a workpiece width of about 60. The sprocket diameter is about ¢300 or so.

CNC quenching machine for disc parts

    The main features are large bearing weight, large turning diameter, and rapid drop into the water, designed for disc type shaft parts. It is easy to operate with CNC programming, high degree of automation, uniform walking, large swing diameter, spray quenching and high efficiency.

3. Closed cooling tower;

    The internal components of the power supply are cooled, the closed cycle is not polluted and not blocked, and the circulating medium is soft water without scaling.

4, quenching liquid cooling device

    It can be combined with a closed cooling tower to form a double circuit structure for cooling the quenching medium, which is convenient for recycling and stabilizes the temperature of the quenching liquid to ensure the quenching quality.

Use this equipment to meet technical requirements

    Quenching gears: 120KW can be used for gears with a diameter of about 300mm or less, sprocket with a diameter of about 450mm, or single-tooth quenching. The shaft can be made to have a diameter of 90mm or less; if it encounters a complicated workpiece, contact the equipment supplier to discuss and solve the quenching scheme;

    The quenching hardness reaches the surface quenching hardness of the material, and the quenching depth of the shaft disc can be adjusted by 1-3 mm;

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