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Welcome to the Lingcheng Electronics website!
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Full air-cooled digital hot-disassembly heating and demolition heating equipment

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case description
Coupling / gear / flange induction thermal disassembly heating machine

Product Name: Coupling disassembly heater, bearing hot heater

Product model: XXYP-25C/60C/100C/150C

Rated power: 25 KW /60 KW /100KW /150 KW

Input voltage: three-phase 380V

Heating temperature: 0-600 ° C 

Control mode: temperature control mode

All-digital air-cooling and heat-disassembling heating equipment: 
1. The equipment does not need to be cooled by water, so it is no longer necessary to configure the chiller, which saves the cost for the user. 
2. It is simpler and more convenient during installation and operation. The application of the water-passing structure makes the whole equipment convenient and greatly improves the safety and reliability of the equipment. 
3, the all-digital software control system makes the operation simpler. At the same time, the equipment operating parameters and equipment faults can be directly displayed through the liquid crystal display on the equipment. Simply do your job well. 
4, all 
-digital air-cooled hot-disassembly equipment is made by electromagnetic induction to disassemble the workpiece itself. Compared with the traditional heat conduction method, the efficiency is increased by several tens of times. 5, the whole digital air-cooling equipment has a lower frequency range (5KHZ-20KHZ). The advantages are obvious when disassembling large and medium workpieces. Greatly improve the work efficiency, 80KW equipment is equivalent to the traditional model 160KW when the workpiece is enlarged

Product use: Widely used in couplings, rotary kiln roller, roller, large bearing inner sleeve, workpiece interference assembly, hammer crusher, motor flange connector, pulley, motor rotor, large gear, train wheel power , seals, hydraulic props, hydraulic supports, connecting shafts, sprockets, balance shaft disassembly and hot loading. 

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