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Threaded rod on-line quenching and quenching production line

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    The basic principle of the selection of the rod screw quenching and quenching and tempering production line: According to the actual production conditions of the factory, it is especially important to select and set the appropriate equipment. The heating power supply must meet the requirements of the power supply; the transmission equipment varies according to the diameter of the workpiece, the length of the workpiece, and the heat treatment strength level, and can be equipped according to the following principles:

A. Φ36―φ42 heating power supply: quenching: medium frequency 160KW type, tempering: intermediate frequency 160KW type;

Transmission system: in length of 6m, the length of the transmission frame is 18m-----21m; automatic loading and unloading mechanism; two sets of off-line temperature measurement, two display instruments.

Introduction to the drive system:

    The system adopts touch screen man-machine interface, PLC, frequency conversion speed control, friendly interface, high degree of intelligence and convenient operation design, which can effectively reduce the manual workload and ensure the consistency of heat treatment of products. After the manual adjustment process is completed, it is basically possible to automatically complete all the processes with one key.

Energy consumption: According to the used conditions, the power consumption per ton is about 450-500 degrees.

Typical customer of the toothbrush quenching industry:

1. Zhejiang New Oriental Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

2. Jiaxing Tianyu Heat Treatment Co., Ltd.

3. Zhejiang Guorui Industrial Co., Ltd.

4. Ningbo Junli Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

5. Ningbo Yuding Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

6. Ningbo Chenglong Special Steel Co., Ltd.

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