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Round bar bar online forging heating production line

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case description
The equipment is composed as follows:

(1) Parameters and selection of super audio and medium frequency induction heating equipment

(2) Closed cooling system

1) The main technical parameters are shown in Table 1:


XXYP-160 type

input power


Input voltage

Three-phase 380V 50-60HZ

Oscillating frequency


Volume: host


     Volume: extension


Weight: host


Weight: extension


     Duty rate


Water quality

Industrial circulating water and softened water

PH value

7 to 8.5

Cooling water inlet pressure


Cooling water inlet temperature


Cooling water outlet temperature


Dedicated induction heater

    It consists of an induction coil, a fixed structural member, and a cooling water path. The induction heater is specially designed according to the process parameters proposed by the user. The whole induction heating coil is made of high-quality large-section round or rectangular copper tube, and the cooling water is passed through the tube. At the same time, the cooling water channel distributor is arranged to give the sensor a good and timely cooling.

Closed cooling system

    The closed cooling tower complete equipment consists of a main engine, a circulating water pump and an electric control cabinet. The main machine is composed of shell, heat exchanger, fan, spray water pump, water collector, water tank and pipeline valve.

    The fluid cooler combines the functions of the cooling tower and heat exchange to reduce the temperature of the process fluid to a temperature that is fairly close to the air wet bulb temperature. When the system is in operation, the process fluid that needs to be cooled flows inside the serpentine heat exchanger coil, and the outside has a sprinkler system to continuously wet the coil surface. The water sprayed onto the coil is cooled by a PVC heat exchange layer with high efficiency cooling and then dropped into a water collecting tray for recycling. Air is simultaneously drawn in through the coil and the PVC heat exchange layer, causing a portion of the water to evaporate. All moisture entrained in the air stream is recovered by the splash water baffle and returned to the water collection tray. By evaporating, heat is removed from the spray water, thereby cooling the process fluid in the coil and coil.

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